Bask in Nature's Glow

A natural, tinted zinc range for the face and lips.

Protecting your skin throughout life's adventures.

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Why Winki Zinc?

Fully tested SPF 30 UVA + UVB

We are serious about our claims. All SPF products are formally tested by a third party laboratory to comply with Australian Sunscreen Standard AS/NZS 2604:2021

Simple, natural formula

We only use a small handful of pronounceable ingredients in each formula. We believe in simplicity and balance, and choose each ingredient carefully, prioritising Australian sourced and certified organic.

Match your skintone

Our colour range has been refined over three years to blend naturally with all skin tones from very light, to very dark. Our tints are subtle and coverage is sheer (similar to a tinted moisturiser), so each shade will suit a number of skin colours.

Choose from 5 Lip Zinc shades to either blend neutrally or add a pop of colour.

Compostable packaging

We utilise the best technology in our packaging, offering plastic free solutions that can be compostaed back into the earth after use.

  • Protect.

    We want you to enjoy the great outdoors, knowing your skin is well protected from the elements.

  • Nourish.

    Pure, mineral zinc in a skin loving balm of natural oils and butters that leave skin soothed and moisturised.

  • Glow.

    Tinted to perfection, our zinc leaves a subtle glow on the skin complimenting your natural radiance.

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Hi there

I'm Belinda, the founder of Winki Zinc. I used to work in a pharmaceutical manufacturing lab, but now I spend most of my life outdoors. I want everyone to be able to enjoy time spent outside without worrying about harming their skin or our environment. So in 2018 I created Winki Zinc, and I've worn it every day since.

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