The Winki Zinc


Winki Zinc was born out of a deep desire to protect natural beauty. This means our own personal, unique beauty and the beauty of our natural world.

We are minimalists at heart, and we firmly believe you do not need a 12 step skincare routine. Winki Zinc is an antidote to mass consumerism. Over the past 5 years we have poured our heart and soul into finding the purest and most beneficial ingredients to use in our products, and we prioritise Australian sources.

Our products are all simple, and each serves more than one purpose, allowing you to minimize your routine and maximise time doing what you love.

We have chosen plastic free packaging, so that our products will not be found floating in our waterways in 5000 years time.

We believe in a simple, nature filled life and represent this throughout our brand.


The beginning

The concept of Winki Zinc was dreamt up by Belinda, who had recently completed a Diploma in Skincare Formulation and learned of the harmful effects sunscreens were having on our marine ecosystems.