We are a small business with no intention of becoming a big one. As a small business, we can stay true to what we believe in. We can maintain the quality and control of our products and we can make decisions together, as a small team.

We are not perfect, but we will never have anything to hide. So here is our promise to you:

Create with purpose

We reject the "fast fashion" nature of the mass skincare & beauty industry. We are minimalists, and we do not believe that you need a 12 step skincare routine.

As an antidote to this, we provide multi functional products and use minimal waste packaging so that you can buy less and be happier.

Care for people & the planet

We are operated by a 100% solar powered lab and office, and our products are all made in Australia. Our supply chains are short and transparent, with 90% of our ingredients being sourced from Australian growers.

We donate zinc and sunscreen to local fundraisers, surf clubs, surf therapy organisations and environmental initiatives.

Winki Zinc uses plastic-free, low waste packaging that is either recyclable or compostable so you can be sure your purchase won't end up in our oceans in 1000 years time.

Be truthful and transparent

In a world of information overload, we can get lost in misinformation.

We don't believe any business (or human) is perfect, and we certainly don't claim to be. What we can promise, is that we will never have anything to hide and that we will communicate in a simple, honest way.

Adventure & Mindfulness in nature

We don't just say that we care about nature, we live nature. Winki Zinc wouldn't exist if it weren't for our immense love for outdoor adventures and our rich natural and cultural history.

We are better people when we are connected to nature. We encourage you to spend time outside and connect with your natural surrounds.