Surf Zinc | Tinted Balm SPF 30
Surf Zinc | Tinted Balm SPF 30

Winki Zinc

Surf Zinc | Tinted Balm SPF 30

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Give your skin the love it deserves during those long, sun-drenched days on the waves!

Our original zinc formula, known and loved since 2018. Designed with ocean enthusiasts in mind and crafted to withstand the harshest elements while ensuring your skin remains nourished & glowing. 

The simple, gentle formula is made up of just 9 natural ingredients each selected for its benefit & practicality. Beeswax & cocoa butter provide a water resistant shield, mango butter & vitamin E add a boost of antioxidant protection while avocado and jojoba oils moisturise. 

Available in Subtle Medium - an easily blendable, adaptable tint similar to our previous TAN shade. 


- Long wearing, thick & creamy formula
- Broad Spectrum SPF 30 
- Gentle and nourishing, suitable for sensitive skin
- All natural, reef conscious formula
- Large 70g, plastic free tin

*Avoid prolonged sun exposure, and make sure you re-apply frequently in accordance with directions. Remember, sunscreen is only one component of sun protection so always wear a hat, protective clothing and eyewear when you’re in the sun.