Belinda founded Winki Zinc in 2018 after learning about the damage sunscreen and skin care products were doing to our marine environment.

She is a keen surfer and outdoor adventurer, having spent most of her 20's under the Australian sun, and preferring no protection to chemical protection. After noticing the early signs of premature ageing caused by the sun, she endeavoured to design a healthier option that made wearing SPF fun.

She has a background in pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as environmental education. These two skills worked in harmony to help her realise the dream of Winki Zinc.

Strategic Manager

Laura O'Connor

Laura joined Winki Zinc in 2023 and is our fabulous mastermind. She has an extensive background in and has founded a successful small business "Tea Thief". After selling her business, her longing to stay in the world of small business meant that she found her way to Winki Zinc's doorstep and we welcomed her with open arms.

Laura has oodles of experience and unmatched positivity to bring to the table when it comes to business. She has a passion for ethics & positive environmental change. She loves the great outdoors and is an especially keen rock climber.