World Oceans Day 2022

World Oceans Day 2022

Today we celebrate all the good that is happening for our oceans all over the world, all call for more to be done to keep our oceans healthy and protected for future generations to enjoy. 

One of the core reasons Winki Zinc was created was to protect our beautiful oceans. For every decision we make we always ask the ourselves “how will it affect our oceans?” With plastic free packaging and our reef safe zinc formulas, we feel pretty good about what we’re doing. But the question is, how can we do better? It’s time to speak up for our oceans by joining forces with and supporting some of the incredible groups already out there, and to demand more from our political leaders. Read on dear friend…

Do you remember the “Fight for the Bight” campaign? This was one of the most successful environmental campaigns, which ended in Norwegian gas giant Equinor pulling out of their intrusive exploration project proposed in the iconic Great Australian Bight. The resistance in our coastal communities was strong and involved thousands of ocean lovers of all backgrounds, abilities and craft paddling out in protest across Australia. Countless submissions to government and endless hours of planning and strategy work from community members were deployed to fend off this exploitation.

It was truly a heart warming and inspirational movement to be a part of, a turning point in our ocean loving communities, particularly down south here in Victoria and SA. But while this individual project was stopped in its tracks, the Bight and other precious ocean ecosystems are still at risk of future exploitation. The Fight for the Bight community alongside the new group Surfers for Climate, is asking that we now speak up and demand permanent protection of this place and of other oceans.


Surfers for Climate is a registered charity formed by Belinda Baggs and Jonny Abegg in the afterglow of the successful Fight for the Bight Campaign in 2019. Their mission is '“TO EMPOWER AND MOBILISE A SEA-ROOTS MOVEMENT FOR POSITIVE CLIMATE ACTION”. They recognise the power of surfers united across the country and channel the spirit of surfing’s counter culture roots to challenge the status quo and put pressure on our politicians.

They do important advocacy work, calling on local MP’s to commit to stronger climate goals, calling for significant areas of ocean to be permanently protected as Marine Parks, and they partner with like-minded brands and businesses who are working towards similar goals. You can become a member, browse their educational website for inspiring tips on how you can contribute to the movement and connect with like-minded ocean lovers.


Uluu, an exciting new start-up has discovered that we can make plastics from seaweed. Entrepreneurs and scientists are proving that not only can we save our oceans but our oceans can help save us! Here’s what they do:

“ULUU is an Ocean Material to mitigate plastic pollution at scale, while also regenerating our oceans and climate. We produce a versatile range of natural polymers, PHAs (polyhydroxalkanoates), with the potential to replace all kinds of plastics, combined with a clean production process using ocean resources – seaweed, seawater and saltwater microbes.”

Indeed there are many plastic alternatives existing and emerging, but none so far have shown the potential to break down as well as this Seaweed Plastic has. Uluu is set to be home compostable, as well as fully biodegradable even in cold, dark environments (like the ocean) in a matter of months. This cannot be said for a lot of current alternatives to plastic, and certainly not for petroleum based plastics which can take over 500 years to break down. This is just one of the incredible breakthroughs we are having when it comes to ocean based climate science that gives us hope for a better, cleaner future. To read more about Uluu visit their website at

If you haven’t purchased with us recently, you might have missed the memo that we are now donating $1 from every sale to a charity of your choice. There are three options to choose from: “Restore the Reef” with Greening Australia, “Keep Girls in School” with Plan International Australia and “Empower with Literacy” with the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. 

To celebrate World Oceans Day 2022 we are doubling our donation to “Restore the Reef” for a whole week, from the 8th-15th of June. If you purchase with us during this week and choose “Restore the Reef” we will send a $2 donation via our giving platform I=Change. 

Fight for what you love and always be kind.

Winki Team xx