Protecting Tassie’s wildest beaches from a toxic wave of plastic

Protecting Tassie’s wildest beaches from a toxic wave of plastic

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We are nature-lovers and wanderers. We started Winki Zinc because we care about our beautiful oceans and we were becoming increasingly concerned about the damaging impacts humans were having on these precious ecosystems. We wanted to work in harmony with nature, rather than taking at her expense.

We believe in the power of everyday people to create practical local solutions to global problems. One of the biggest problems facing our oceans is marine debris and plastic pollution, and so we’re very proud to support grassroots initiatives like the South West Marine Debris Cleanup, aka Team Clean. 

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Team Clean is a 100% not-for-profit volunteer expedition dedicated to protecting some of the most spectacular wild beaches on earth, way down in the south-west of lutruwita / Tasmania. Each year, this salty crew steams around to the South West Wilderness World Heritage Area in a small flotilla of fishing boats, piloted by some of Tasmania's finest skippers, who volunteer their time and skills to the cleanup.

The beaches that Team Clean visit are some of the most remote and inaccessible places you can imagine. But every single day, thousands of pieces of rubbish wash ashore — polluting ancient Aboriginal living sites, littering the sand and choking precious marine life and sea birds.

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Luckily, this expert team of beach cleaners is on the case. This year, they removed a whopping 95,511 pieces of marine debris from these special beaches. They know exactly how much rubbish is collected, because each night, after a big day on the beach, they count and classify every single item! 

At Winki Zinc, we take plastic pollution very seriously. We were the first to use eco paper board packaging in Australia. Our eco tubes are made from recycled cardboard and cellulose paper — they’re also fully compostable AND recyclable. Our submergible zinc tins are infinitely reusable and recyclable, and come in very handy for rugged adventures involving dinghies and wild seas!

We believe in giving back, by supporting grassroots community projects that are working hard to protect our oceans. We’re so proud to sponsor the wonderful salty crew at Team Clean, and to make sure that when they’re out on the beach, removing all that dangerous plastic, they’re protected from the harsh Tassie sun. 

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We can all take action to protect our oceans — check out Team Clean’s wonderful work and take a few minutes to pick up some rubbish, next time you’re at your local beach.

All photos thanks to Team Clean's Ula Majewski.