Natural Beauty Bundle
Natural Beauty Bundle
Natural Beauty Bundle

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Natural Beauty Bundle

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Tinted Natural Beauty Zinc SPF 30 — Color:Light
Tinted Natural Lip Zinc — Color:Almond

If you know you're a zinc lover, then this is the one for you. Wearing zinc all day long has many benefits for your skin including protection, nourishment and healing. But we do recommend you remove it at the end of the day, the ensure your skin has time to breath overnight. We also don't want your pillow becoming tinted!

The easiest and most nourishing way to remove your zinc at the end of the day is to use Oil Cleanser. So here we have bundled our Tinted Zinc Duo with our all time favourite Zinc Removing Oil Cleanser:

1 x Cucumber & Avocado Oil Cleanser
1 x Natural Lip Zinc in your favourite colour
1 x Natural Face Zinc in your chosen shade

Head to our Tinted Lip ZincTinted Face Zinc and Cucumber & Avocado Oil Cleanser pages for important information about each product including ingredients, colours, directions & sustainability.

*Avoid prolonged sun exposure, and make sure you re-apply frequently in accordance with directions. Remember, sunscreen is only one component of sun protection so always wear a hat, protective clothing and eyewear when you’re in the sun.