Our Story

Hello. Welcome to Winki Zinc. 

We make beautiful zinc that’s kind on your skin, and kind to the earth. 

We are ocean lovers and adventurers, optimists and dreamers. We believe in walking lightly on this wonderful world of ours. We believe in doing good.

We care about the simple things. The smell of fresh mangoes and salty beach air. The sounds of ocean song and children laughing. Dreamy little waves rolling in under pink and yellow skies.

We are change-makers, working together to create strong communities and protect the delicate ecologies of our wild oceans. We love the great outdoors.

We started Winki Zinc because we believe in the power of creating local solutions to global problems.

We looked around at our special wild places and saw a wave of dirty plastic trashing our favourite beaches. We swam through coral gardens that were dying from the impacts of too many toxic chemicals.

We watched our friends worry about their smiling, salty kids being exposed to chemical sunscreens. We started to worry about what we were putting on our own skin, every single morning before a surf. 

Happy communities need healthy oceans. We dreamed of creating something special. Something that would make us glow, inside and out, that wouldn’t harm ourselves or the intricate ecosystems around us. And so we made it. In 2018, we launched Winki Zinc.

We live, surf and play on Wadawurrung country, on the wild southern coastlines of Australia.

Our local team package Winki Zinc by hand in our little lab by the sea. We do it all in small batches to make sure you get the finest quality, every single time. 

Winki Zinc is designed to look good, feel good and be good, for you and for the earth. We tested it a thousand times on hundreds of different people, and in all sorts of environments. We can safely say that it works, wonderfully. It is also reef safe and 100% cruelty free.

At Winki Zinc, our packaging is honest and simple. What you see is what you get.

We were one of the first to use eco paper board packaging in Australia, and we’re so glad we did. They’re made from recycled cardboard and cellulose paper, and are fully compostable and recyclable. They are also robust, practical and full to the brim of zinc. We made some tins too, which are completely submergible, so your zinc can happily bob about in your surf bucket or kayak. Our tins are infinitely reusable and recyclable, which is always a fine thing. 

We walk our talk, and every single day, we’re looking for new ways to do things better. Our goal is to be completely plastic free, very very soon, and to be 100% solar-powered by the middle of 2021.

We are a small local business with a big smiley heart. We care about doing good, in every single thing that we do: our zinc, our packaging and our support for grassroots community projects that are creating a better world. We believe in giving back.

We are surfers and wanderers, nature lovers and grinners. We have a lot of fun. We make our beautiful zinc with integrity and, most importantly, with love.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Winki Zinc.