We live and play on Wadawurrung country, on the southern coastlines of Australia. 
Here we seek beauty in the epic landscapes, as well as in the small moments.  This is where our duty to protect the environment was born – from a profound connection to it. 
Our vision is to care for the skin, without the use of chemicals.  To work in harmony with nature, rather than taking at her expense.  To enjoy the great outdoors, but leave no trace.  We are nature-lovers and wanderers.  We are adventurous yet respectful.  We walk lightly and explore mindfully.  We produce only what is needed, and reject what is not. 
Because we know what we do matters,  and what we don’t do, may matter even more. 


Our Values


We don't believe in excess consumption, so whatever we put into production will be simple, functional and high quality.


Although we are a small business, we strive to lead by example. So everything we do and all that we create, will be in alignment with a sustainable future. 


We are grateful for the natural world and for those that take action to protect it. With and optimistic attitude we take steps towards a positive future.


We believe in being open and honest with our customers. We may not always be perfect, but we will never have anything to hide. 


Meet the Founder 

I have always loved zinc. From my teenage battle with acne to my adventure packed 20's, zinc has been my saviour. But I could never find a product I felt comfortable wearing all day long that looked natural. I wanted a product that would simplify my skincare routine by doing three things - protect my skin, moisturise it, and provide a touch of colour. Winki Zinc was born.

I live on Waddawurrung country, on the wild southern coastline of Australia.

Our small team carefully craft Winki Zinc products by hand, in our coastal quarters.

Belinda xx