Our Ingredients - Organic Grampians Olive Oil

Our Ingredients - Organic Grampians Olive Oil

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At Winki Zinc we have spent a lot of time researching and sourcing the best possible ingredients for our products. We are passionate about using ingredients that are as much as possible:

  • organic
  • as close to carbon neutral as possible and
  • locally grown

Applying these 3 principles to our production ensures that the highest quality ingredients are used in our products, benefitting both you as the consumer and our fragile planet.

We are now sourcing olive oil from Grampians Olive Co. Toscana for our cleansing oil, which fulfills our philosophy beautifully.


Grampians Olive Co. Toscana

This company is 100% Australian family owned and operated as well as being one of Australia’s oldest olive groves. Their olives are certified organic, meaning there are no pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers or other chemicals that can damage your health or the environment.

We spoke to Greg from Grampians Olive Oil Company to get the lowdown on their oil. This is what he said:

 “The Northern Grampians is ideal for growing premium quality olives due to its Mediterranean climate and sandy soils. And when olive oil is grown organically, it not only improves the soil for future generations, it also produces great tasting, high quality oil. Olive oil has also been shown to be a carbon negative product.”

This is a win win in our book. Not only are we providing you with the highest quality product for your skin, but we are also doing it in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Why is olive oil good for skin care?

Olive oil is high in antioxidants, with a gentle, low reaction rate that is great for sensitive skin. It penetrates the skin easily to moisturise and nourish while reducing the likelihood of clogged pores. And getting really technical, it is high in squalene, which mimics your own skin’s oils.

Added to this, olive oil is highly stable giving it a long shelf life. This reduces waste due to expiry dates and means that the cleansing oil will stay fresh in your cupboard for pretty much as long as you need.