Re-useable Pump Nozzle for Cleansing Oil

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A less mess, one time purchase pump nozzle for your cleansing oil.

We want to reduce plastics as much as possible - ultimately we want to eliminate them. But until a plastic-free pump cap is available on the market, we want to give you the option of getting your own infinitely re-usable one to attach to all your cleansing oils for years to come. 

If you want the user-friendliness of a pump, but want to avoid single use plastic - this is for you. 

*Please note - our standard bamboo caps have a thin plastic lining on the inside which prevents the oil leaking out. We are endlessly searching for a 100% plastic- free cap for our cleansing oils. If you have any secret knowledge of where we can find such a thing (which has absolutely no leakage) we would love to hear from you. 

Our eco-paperboard zinc tubes are 100% plastic-free.