"It is our mission to contribute to an economy where all products designed to benefit people are honest and good. Good for people, good for the planet, and good for the community."



K I N D N E S S - We believe all good in the world comes from kindness.

S I M P L I C I T Y -Don't we all need a little more simplicity in our lives? We keep things simple in both our products, our business and our lifestyle.

S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y- In a world where there is so much wasteful consumerism, we strive to be a waste and plastic free business. We are so passionate about the beautiful places we love, that we want to protect them. We prioritise local ingredients, use 99% biodegradable/recyclable packaging and we let nothing go to waste.

F U N - Life should be full of sunshine and laughter, full of love and adventure. We keep the fun in the way we do things here and hope that it rubs off on you when you put on your Winki Zinc.